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Amanda one piece

Bella top, Tuti bottoms

Amanda One Piece

Girls Olivia One Piece

Lisa one piece

Giselle top, Elle bottoms

Ariella top, Elle bottoms

Ariella top, Valentina bottoms

Christina top

Olivia one piece

Welcome to Fiola Rose Swim 2018

Welcome to Fiola Rose Swim
Australian swimwear label inspired by the iconic Australian summer and the wild natural beauty of our beaches and landscapes that captivate and inspire. Fiola Rose Swim embodies timeless and feminine style with an effortlessly modern appeal. Dreamy silhouettes and a modern elegance combine to create our signature aesthetic that enhances your natural beauty.

Rose Quartz
Every swimsuit we make has a genuine Rose Quartz heart attached. This semi precious stone is believed to be connected to the heart and we are all about positive vibes so we decided to sew a little ‘love’ into each of our swimsuits. Rose Quartz is believed to attract peace, love and romance. This is swimwear to truly feel good in!

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