Fiola Rose Labron Johnson

Fiola Rose Labron Johnson

Founded and designed by Fiola Rose Labron Johnson, Fiola Rose Swim is an Australian based swimwear label.

The concept was dreamed up by Fiola in her teens, and the idea always stayed with her. She knew that someday, when she felt ready, she would start her own swimwear label. Finally that day arrived, and Fiola Rose Swim was born.

Designing swimwear is something that Fiola is truly passionate about. Getting the perfect fit, fabric, colour and details just right is a labour of love. Fiola’s background in fashion is an accumulation of knowledge acquired from her own personal experience modelling, and also studies in design, and styling, as well as an innate sense of personal style. Her love of the ocean, nature, travel to exotic destinations and summer have all influenced her.

Fiola Rose Swim is undoubtedly a reflection of Fiola. The colours, styles, and overall brand imagery that she has chosen are completely unique to her own style aesthetic. This is what makes Fiola Rose Swim stand out from the rest, with an elegant, feminine and timeless look that flatters and inspires so many woman around the world.

Fiola was especially mindful when designing her swimwear to take into consideration as many body types as possible. Listening to as many woman as she could about their personal swimwear requirements and taking all their concerns into consideration ultimately meant that Fiola could feel very confident in the designs of swimwear she was producing. Knowing that she could flatter and give confidence to a wide range of women was extremely important to her.

Fiola Rose Swim wants to give back too. All Fiola Rose Swim designs are manufactured in the Philippines, which is a place Fiola has spent a lot of time in. She has set up a system where $1 from every swimwear item purchased is donated to a women’s charity in the Philippines. Fiola herself oversee’s this so that she is assured the the money always reaches where it is most needed.

Fiola Rose Swim hopes that you will love your beautiful Fiola Rose swimwear from us as much as we love creating it for you!